Rwanda : Diaspora activities in Rwanda focus rural areas

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  Rwandans living abroad have vowed to build their motherland in different ways like initiating several projects following the 1994 tragedy that left millions in needy. One Dollar Campaign: This is a project initiated by the Rwandan Diaspora and the Diaspora General Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minaffet) to lobby and provide shelter […]

Bugesera Diaspora moves

Rwanda | Bugesera: Diaspora moves to fight Nyakatsi

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Master plan of the exemplary village in Bugesera As part of their efforts to contribute on the fight against Nyakatsi, members of Rwandan Diaspora subscribing to the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network (RDGN ) have embarked on building a model village in Bugesera district. A model village named “Bugesera Diaspora Village” is being built in Nemba […]