Why Kagame's miracle has been possible for Rwanda

Rwanda is getting better : Here is why

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In 2005, a local businessman was contracted to build a road in Muhanga district, Southern Rwanda. The contractor would employ hundreds of villagers. The contractor had one thing in mind; completing the project with in the shortest period possible. The laborers were put on grueling pressure for the next six months straight. The elderly almost […]


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Ngiye ku isoko- I am going to market. Batuye i Kigali- They live in Kigali. Akora ku karere- He/she works in the district. Ubu Petero ari mu rugo- At present, Peter is at home. Mu gitondo, noza amenyo- In the morning, I brush  teeth. Batewe n’abajura mu ijoro ryakeye- They were attacked by thieves during […]