Rwandans in Sudan donate Rwf55m to ex-combatants

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Rwandan Community working in the Republic of the Sudan handed over to Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission a contribution of $78,000 to support Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) Veterans living with disabilities. The humanitarian event took place on December 24, at RDRC Commission headquarters in Kigali. Speaking during the function, the Chairperson of Rwandan Community in […]

Rwanda community in the US gears for Rwanda Day

Rwanda community in the US gears for Rwanda Day

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The Rwandan community living in the US has organized the sixth edition of Rwanda Day dubbed “Agaciro” slated for September 20, in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will see over 3000 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda across the globe coverge. The purpose of Rwanda Day is to reaffirm the core national value of Agaciro, celebrate the […]


Urubyiruko ruba mumahanga rwakoze umuganda, rusukura urwibutso rwa gisozi

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Mu bikorwa by’umuganda rusange usanzwe uba buri wa Gatandatu wa nyuma w’ukwezi ku rwego rw’igihugu, tariki ya 31 Kanama 2013 itorero Indangamirwa rigizwe ahanini n’urubyiruko rwiga mu mahanga n’uruba hanze muri diyasipora rwifatanyije n’urubyiruko ruhagarariye urundi mu muryango w’Abibumbye (UN) n’abayobozi mu Nama y’igihugu y’urubyiruko mu bikorwa byo gusukura Urwibutso rwa Kigali ruri ku Gisozi. […]

Speaker calls Rwandan diaspora to take part in gov’t programs

Rwanda : Speaker calls Rwandan diaspora to take part in gov’t programs

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The Rwandan community living in South Africa met with the Rwandan speaker of the parliament, Rose Mukantabana, On July 6, 2012, where they received briefing on the parliament’s current operations. The community comprised of about 60 people including lecturers, students and business people. According to the statement from the Rwanda High Commission in South Africa, […]

Rwanda : Canadian Diaspora commits

Rwanda : Canadian Diaspora commits to assist Rwanda

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The community of Rwandans living in Canada has said that they will contribute to their country’s development through the use of the skills acquired during their stay abroad. Dr. Egide Karuranga the leader of Rwandan community in Canada made the remarks during a meeting the Minister of gender and family promotion,  Aloysia Inyumba – who […]

Rwanda | Rwandan troops build school for Darfur

Rwanda | Rwandan troops build school for Darfur

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Darfur popularly known for civil war or Darfur Genocide, which has been going on for many years, received over four classrooms and an office from the Rwanda Defense Force (RDB)  troops serving in Darfur at Zamzam, on 5 March 2012 . The classrooms built in the Turba community and have the capability of accommodating 256 […]

Rwanda : Rwanda acknowledges Diasporas contribution to development

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  The government of Rwanda acknowledges that the role of her people living overseas is crucial to social, economic and political development. This importance is envisaged in the diverse sectors of Rwanda such as; Education, Health, Private Sector Development, Trade and Investment, Knowledge transfers, Building of the National image , Culture development, Unit and Reconciliation, […]