Speaker calls Rwandan diaspora to take part in gov’t programs

Rwanda : Speaker calls Rwandan diaspora to take part in gov’t programs

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The Rwandan community living in South Africa met with the Rwandan speaker of the parliament, Rose Mukantabana, On July 6, 2012, where they received briefing on the parliament’s current operations. The community comprised of about 60 people including lecturers, students and business people. According to the statement from the Rwanda High Commission in South Africa, […]

Rwanda : Rwandan diaspora in Mozambique hosts get together party

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Rwandans living In Mozambique gathered on July 8, 2012, in order to strengthen the Diaspora which has the objective to promote unity among Rwandan living abroad. A get together party “Ubusabane” held at Pestana Rovuma Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique,was organized and attended by 130 Rwandans from Maputo and Other towns. Ambassador Vincent Karega said that […]

Rwanda : Inyunguramagambo ku ngendo (Transport vocabulary)

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Amafaranga y’itike : Travel fares Gare : Taxi park Imodoka ikora tagisi : Cab Gari ya moshi : Train Guhaguruka ku indege : To take off Guhaguruka : To set off/out (journey) Kugwa ku indege : to touch down Ikibuga cy’indege : Airport Imodoka : vehicle Indege : Airplane Ipikipiki : Motorcycle Kuvamo mu modoka : to alight Tike y’indege : airplane ticket Umushoferi : Driver Umupilote : Pilot Gusaba […]

Rwanda : Rwandans in USA preparing genocide commemoration

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The organizing committee of the north America Canada and Washington Rwandan Diaspora is organizing the 18th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi .   The upcoming special commemorative program organized by members of the Rwandan Diaspora of North America in partnership with Rwandan Embassy to the USA is scheduled to take place on […]

Rwanda : 139 refugees and 7 FDRL militias return to Rwanda

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139 refugees and seven former combatants who had freed the country to the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1994 were last Saturday received back into Rwanda. The returnees who are sheltered at Nyagatare refugee camp in Rusizi district of the Western Province of Rwanda said that false information and rumours about Rwanda made them remain […]