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U.S Announces Rwanda Its Africa’s Special Trade Ally

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker

The USA has announced a special arrangement through which Rwanda will become a strategic ally in the quest to reinforce trade partnership with Africa. US President’s Council on doing business in Africa, currently in Rwanda, delivered the message to President Paul Kagame. Executives of the Council and representatives of American business community said Rwanda will […]

Davos’ Love Affair With Rwanda


Pressure is mounting in Kigali. Jobs are at stake, so are businesses. Be it a street cleaner or a CEO of a contracted multi-million dollar firm, everyone is anxious. Roads in the city center are being repaired. Old trees have been cut and replaced with young fresh gardens. Streets in the middle of the city […]

Rwandair To Spread Wings To India

Rwandair aircraft

Rwanda’s national carrier, Rwandair has secured a deal to spread its wings to India connecting the Asian community in East Africa to Asia. At the beginning of September 2016, RwandAir will start direct flights connecting Mumbai with Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. The airline says, this new connectivity is expected to reduce the flight time to 7 hours, with a […]

Mauritius energy firm gets deal to connect 250,000 Rwandan homes


Rwanda has contracted Ignite Power Ltd, a Mauritius solar energy solutions company, to roll out electricity to about 250,000 households that are off the main grid. Connecting the targeted homes will be completed in five years. “The selection of homes will focus on areas with no access to one grid power connection,” an official at […]

Kagame dismisses U.S. comments over 2017 run


President Paul Kagame has repeated his earlier indication that western governments are intent on diverting attention of his government away from tackling Rwanda’s problems. The U.S. State Department released a statement on Saturday saying it was “disappointed” by his announcement on new year that he would respond positively to 3.8m petitions for him to run […]

Rwanda President Kagame Announces Running In 2017


It is official. Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has announced running again after 2017. In a televised New Year Message, Kagame said, “You requested me to lead the country again after 2017. Given the importance and consideration you attach to this, I can only accept.” Kagame explained that, “The unity of our people is unshakably strong […]

Jeannette Kagame’s abundant success 2015


It is July 3, 2015 on a sunny Friday and villagers of Nyanza district are eagerly waiting for First Lady Jeannette Kagame. Women are dressed in colourful traditional outfits (imishanana). Excitement has captured the crowd. The First Lady finally arrives. Things are happening very fast, and the mood is being felt, but she is exploring […]

Rwandans In Canada To Invest $7M In Housing

Allain Patrick Ndengera and other Rwandans living in Canada will invest $7million in Real estate in Rwanda

Allain Patrick Ndengera, a Rwandan living in Canada and other partners, has found a better place to invest his idle cash. He announced during the 13th National Dialogue taking place in Kigali that him and a few other Rwandans living in Canada will invest $7million in real estate projects back home. “We are abroad, but we […]

Kagame Assures of Regular Transfer of Power

Participants at the 13th National Dialogue

President Paul Kagame has assured Rwandans that the country will observe a regular transfer of power, but real power and decision-making should remain in the hands of the people themselves. “Rwandans expect a democracy in which public office is routinely transferred from one individual of their choice to another,” Kagame said while officially opening the […]

RWANDA’S UMUSHYIKIRANO: What Went Right Or Wrong All Comes Out Here

RWANDA’S UMUSHYIKIRANO: What Went Right Or Wrong All Comes Out Here

In June 2011, Seraphine  Mukantabana, now Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR), returned to Rwanda, ending 17 years of exile life from far away Congo-Brazzaville. She was surprised by how the country had transformed since fleeing Rwanda in 1994, despite ‘lies’ spread in exile. Mukantabana  had always wanted to express her appreciation to […]