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Kagame “Ashamed” Africa Still Struggles to Get Electricity


President Paul Kagame arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday morning to attend the annual meeting of the African Development Bank Group and is scheduled for several panel discussions. The five-day meeting (May 23-27) is the 51st annual edition of the Bank. In a sideline event held Tuesday afternoon on energy, its panel was President Kagame, […]

What Happened to Ingabire Victoire Lawyer Expelled From Rwanda?


A Dutch lawyer Caroline Buisman who claims to be an attorney to jailed politician Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire was asked to leave Rwanda last week by immigration officials. As KT Press reports, she was in the country for a different purpose, but then opted to visit Ingabire. A chronology of events provided by the Rwanda Directorate General of immigration and Emigration […]

Families Wiped-out in Genocide To be Commemorated


On May 21, Rwandans will pay tribute to families that were completely wiped-out during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. This is part of  activities of the 22nd commemoration events which started on April 7 and will conclude on July 4- liberation day when Rwanda Patriotic Rebels stopped the Genocide. According to GAERG an organization founded […]

US Endorses Rwanda’s Principles On Civilian Protection


Civilians caught up in the middle of armed conflicts may become safer as the world adopts Rwanda’s values on protection of civilians. These values known as the ‘Kigali Principles’  require countries contributing to UN peacekeeping troops to always send well trained peace keepers and to intervene without delay in a country where an armed conflict […]

Abacengeza ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside mu bana baraburirwa

m_Abacengeza ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside mu bana baraburirwa

N’ubwo mu Rwanda hashize imyaka 22 hibukwa Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, ngo haracyagaragara ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside. Abakiyifite bakaba basabwa kuyirandura burundu. Byaratangajwe na Senateri Uwimana Consolee,ubwo yifatanyaga n’abaturage b’I Nyabihu mu gikorwa cyo gushyingura mu cyubahiro imibiri 79 y’abazize Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994. Muri iki gikorwa cyabaye kuwa 8 Gicurasi,Senateri Uwimana yatangararije abaturage b’I Nyabihu […]

EU Signs Rwanda €177m For Electricity Roll-out


Rwanda is getting closer to achieving its energy accessibility target of 70% by 2018. The European Union and government of Rwanda have this Tuesday signed a financing agreement worth €177 million (Frw157 Billion) to support the energy sector in the next five years. The funds will enable Rwanda improve electricity supply, transmission and distribution. This […]

DRC Arrests FDLR Chief Of Staff, Refuses To Extradite Him


Congolese national intelligence agency ANR has arrested Brig. Gen. Mujyambere Leopord – chief of staff of FOCA, the armed wing of the Rwandan FDLR militia group, KTPress can exclusively reveal. Mujyambere, also with aliases Musenyeri; Achille; Frere Petrus Ibrahim – was intercepted in Goma city – capital of North Kivu province on his way from […]

Kagame UPs HeForShe Commitment to 500,000 Champions


From 100,000 commitment to raise that number of Rwandans backing the global HeForShe campaign, Rwanda made a new move this Thursday to have five times more champions. President Paul Kagame today called on every Rwandan man to be part of the campaign. We should have at least 500,000 champions, said Kagame while addressing 1000s of […]

Abahagaritse Jenoside ntibahagaritse ikiyitera-Pasteri Mpyisi

m_Abahagaritse Jenoside ntibahagaritse ikiyitera-Pasteri Mpyisi

Pasiteri Ezira Mpyisi, avuga ko abahagaritse Jenoside bahagaritse igikorwa cyo kwica, ariko ko batahagaritse ikiyitera kuko ikiyitera gihagarikwa n’Imana yonyine. Ibi yabivugiye ku rwibutso rwa Jenoside rwa Mbazi, mu Karere ka Huye, tariki 25/4. Hari mu gikorwa cyo kwibuka Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, ndetse no gushyingura mu cyubahiro imibiri itandatu, harimo uw’uwitwa Callixte Kalinda n’ubundi wigeze […]

Urubyiruko rurasabwa kwirinda icyasenya U Rwanda


Urubyiruko rwo mu Karere ka Rutsiro rurakangurirwa kwirinda icyasubiza igihugu cy’u Rwanda inyuma ku buryo cyasenyuka.   Urubyiruko rwasabwe kwirinda ikibi rugaharanira guteza u Rwanda imbere Byavuzwe ku wa 20 Mata 2016 mu nama y’umutekano yaguye yabereye muri zone ya Kivumu igizwe n’imirenge 3 aho Guverineri w’intara y’iburengerazuba yaganirije urubyiruko rwo muri iyo zone, akaba […]