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‘Rwanda Day’ Mobilizes 33,000 Diaspora For National Development


All roads are headed to The Netherlands as Rwandan Diaspora in Europe arrive for what has become known as ‘Rwanda Day.’ President Paul Kagame will be the biggest guest in town. From October 3rd to 4th, Kagame will be meeting more than 4,000 Rwandans in Diaspora and friends of Rwanda, living in the Netherlands and around Europe to celebrate the country’s progress. High on the agenda […]

Billionaire Howard Buffet In Rwanda For His $500M Projects

Howard Buffet his foundation is supporting with $500 million to several projects in Rwanda

Howard Buffet, the son to Warren Buffet, is in Rwanda where he will tour various projects financed by his foundation, the Howard Buffet Foundation. Howard donated $500 million to Rwanda earlier this year to support agriculture and other initiatives. He is in the country to catch up with the progress on ground. His multimillion-dollar support […]

Rwanda Voices “Serious Security Concerns” At DRC-Rwanda Talks


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) should seize this “opportunity” to end the presence of Rwandan FDLR rebels on its terror once and for all, the country’s Defense minister, Aimé Ngoy Mukena, has been told at the start of a two-day bilateral ministerial meeting in Kigali. Rwanda’s Defense Minister Gen James Kabarebe said FDLR, […]

EU Commissioner In Rwanda For Talks

Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development

The European Union Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, will this afternoon meet President Kagame to discuss EU cooperation with Rwanda. Mimica who is in the country for a 2-day visit is also scheduled to tour different projects supported by the European commission in Rwanda. The European Union has for the past seven […]

Leadership summit to inspire Rwandan youth leaders


The delegation of speakers at the Kigali Leadership summit has arrived in Kigali and are set to inspire Rwandan youth to explore their full potential in leadership skills. The summit organised by International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) will host over 400 youth leaders and managers from this September 11-12, 2015 in Kigali Keynote speakers […]

Government hearkens to Rwandans’ Quest for Constitution Amendment


Legal heavyweights in Rwanda must be crossing fingers after a law establishing a commission to help parliament amend the constitution was passed and published yesterday. A presidential order authorizing government to vet and submit names is expected any time soon.  The order will also provide for salaries, benefits and support staff. Then senate will approve […]

Ethiopia, Rwanda working jointly for better Africa


Rwanda and Ethiopia have suggested new development models they believe can help Africa break away from the prescribed Western models. African leaders of the two countries and those from other states agreed that Africa should stop being bullied into “accepting policies that misrepresent us and do us harm in the end.” Speaking at a high-level […]

Rwandans, Ethiopians working for collective development


The Meles Zenawi Foundation in partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Government of Rwanda is holding its inaugural symposium on August 21, in Kigali, Rwanda, under the theme “The African Democratic Developmental State.” Inspired by the late Ethiopian Prime Minister’s commitment to the state’s prominent role in building robust accountable institutions and […]

Government targets $409 million from mining


The government has implemented several reforms, including the demarcation of mining sites intended for bidding, in order to meet its aim of raising US$409 million from the mining sector by 2017. A statement by the state minister in charge of natural resources Evode Imena said. The process is in fact already underway – on 17 […]

Rare Precious stones NOW in Rwanda

A rock showing traces of Amethyst extracted from a mining site in Ruhango district, Southern Rwanda

Rwanda has announced it may have large amounts of rare precious stones underneath; the discovery could boost image of the country’s mining sector. Mr. Evode Imena the State Minister for Mining twitted pictures of Amethyst veins discovered at a mining site in Ruhango district in southern province of the country. “Veins extend for 1200 metres, […]